I discovered pentominoes in Arthur C. Clarke's book Imperial Earth. The GIF that you see above is one of the more than 2000 ways to fit the set of twelve pentominoes into a 6 by 10 rectangle. One can also fit them into 5 by 12, 4 by 15, and 3 by 20 rectangles. There are only two 3 by 20 solutions, to the best of my knowledge.

The scanned-in picture above is of a set of Pentominoes that I made out of Sculpey, then painted with acrylic. I've also made a set out of agate. It's really beautiful, and a fun project for the amateur lapidarian with access to the proper type of saw.

Here are some links to pentomino-related sites on the WWW: Thanks to Bharat Purohit for that one.

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