[Stuart Levy]
Stuart Levy

Title: Senior Technical Staff
Dates: April, 1989 - August, 1997
Phone: (612) 624-1867
E-mail: slevy@geom.umn.edu

Activities at the Geometry Center

I performed a variety of technical tasks at the Geometry Center, including:

Accomplishments at the Center


The environment at the Center has offered a fairly rich niche to do what I enjoy: tool-building, problem-solving, and acting as technical assistant in scientific projects, in UNIX environments.

Among tools I've been involved in writing, the one which has had the most effect on the rest of the world is Geomview, our 3-D viewer. Geomview has formed the basis for many further projects large and small, including the Shape of Space and many lesser animations, and the Orrery solar-system demonstration.

In this as in previous positions, I tend to fall into the role of a technical point-person for the group.

Professional Experience

Invited Participation