Michelle Raymond

The Geometry Center
1300 South Second Street
Minneapolis, MN 55454
(612) 626-8310

Welcome to my home page at the Geometry Center.

This is my personal homepage.

Interests I hope to address soon.

(note: soon is a relative term.)

Pentominoes in a 3 x 20 configuration. There is one other 3 x 20 configuration.

Topics not generally associated with mathematics.

I am compiling a list of mathematical sites. The list is to address the query, "I need to do a mathematical project. Where can I find resources?" If you have site suggestions please email me at raymond@geom.umn.edu The math site list is located at: http://www.geom.umn.edu/~raymond/mathlist.html

This stuff is in process. Some of it is not destined for the web but for other mediums.
Mostly this is for internal critique; but, outside input could be benificial as well.

  1. Graphics possibilities for flyers on the Center and its projects
  2. Results of flyers project
  3. PC Information