Videos Accepted to the
5th Annual Review of Computational Geometry

The following videos will appear in the Video Review. Many thanks to all the researchers who submitted videos, and to the Video Review committee: Marshall Bern, John Canny, John Hershberger, Delle Maxwell and Tamara Munzner.

The rotation diagram and optimal containing placements of a convex polygon
Matthew Dickerson and Daniel Scharstein

Radiosity in flatland made visibly simple
Fr/'{e}do Durand, Rachel Orti, St/'{e}phane Rivei/`{e}re, Claude Puech

Collision detection for fly-throughs in virtual environments
Martin Held, James T. Klosowski, Joseph S.B. Mitchell

The power of coherence: fast display of surfaces
Suboth Kumar, Dinesh Manocha

A package for triangulations
T. Ono, Y. Kyoda, T. Masada K. Hayase T. Shibuya M. Inaba H. Imai K. Imai and D. Avis

Incremental Update of the visibility map as seen by a moving viewpoing in two dimensions
Sherif Ghali and A. James Stewart

Testing control systems through impulse-based simulation
Brian Mirtich and John Canny

Four-polytopes and a funeral for my conjecture
Nina Amenta

On computing edges that are in all minimum-weight triangulations
Patrice Belleville, Michael McAllister and Jack Snoeyink