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For the week April 27 - May 4

Tori and Dominic

Tori and Dominic are staying with their dad this week. The events I know about are listed below. For those of you that missed his many announcements, Dominic turned four last Thursday (April 23). He's a big boy now and has joyfully rid himself of his car seat. He also tells me he has a girlfriend, name of Natalie. I met her last week. She's a cute little girl with light brown hair, and she's five! Already he shows interest in older women.


As usual a large majority of my time will be spent on campus in the Geometry Center. I have two group projects I am working on so if you need to contact me please leave a message on my voice mail along with your number in case I get your message while away from home.

This week's happenings

Tuesday: I have a paper due tomorrow morning (and those group projects I mentioned to work on) so guess where you'll find me.

Wednesday: Afternoon work session with Math 5337 group. Church night for the whole family.

Thursday: Morning work session with Math 5337 group. Afternoon session with MthE 5030 group. Evening--Must See TV. If you need to talk to me about something important do NOT call during Friends, Just Shoot Me, or ER. (Yes, I watch Seinfeld but only passively.) If you do call during those shows please do not be offended when I tell you I'll call you back.

Friday: Tori's after-school care - Park Superkids - has Family Fun Night and I'm selling tickets from 5:00 - 5:30. (I sold raffle tickets last week...if you're interested in buying one give me a call.) I heard once that Friday was considered a social night but I forget what social means so...

Saturday/Sunday: I know that Tori has a birthday party to go to on Saturday but I don't remember the time. I have no plans but to work on homework and applications. God willing the sun will be out and I'll be able to work on my tan as well.

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