Translational Symmetry Worksheet



An image has Translational Symmetry if the distance between each point and its image is the same. Sometimes a translation is referred to as a SLIDE. A translation may be shown by using a vector arrow. The arrow shows the distance and the direction.
Translation may also be represented by ordered pairs. The first coordinate represents the horizontal movement and the second coordinate represents the vertical movement.

4.A translation maps the origin (0,0) to the point (-3, 2).
Where does it map the points

(5, 4)  ?                    ____________
(-2, 9) ? ____________
(-3, -5)? ____________
(7, -2) ? ____________

A Glide Reflection is a combination of a translation followed by a reflection. In problem #5, create a glide reflection by sketching two more images.Think of a glide reflection as a set of footprints in the sand on the beach.