Worksheet for "Letterforms and Illusion"

The program used is "Letterforms and Illusion" by Scott Kim and Robin Fe Samelson, "a series of visual puzzles, images, activities, and fonts from the fascinating world of perception and symmetry. Designed for use with any Macintosh computer."
W.H. Freeman and Company, New York
The purpose of this worksheet is to allow students to work through the software package at their own pace with intermittent checkpoints by the teacher.



"LETTERFORMS and ILLUSIONS" Steps to open the software: Open the hard drive Double-click on "Letterforms and Illusions": Choose Introduction by a double-click Read directions carefully to get into the tutorial program OR

Go under the Apple at the far left, scroll down to "LETTERFORMS and ILLUSIONS" and release the mouse.

As you go through the tutorial, you will notice each screen is numbered. After completing each of the following screens, get them checked off by having the teacher observe what you have done:

	5.  _____	11.  _____	14.  _____	18.  _____

Continue through #20. After you finish #20, you can create something and print it. Here are the steps to take:

a.	Choose New under File.

b.	Choose Illusion under Font; 
    Type your name, first middle, last or a combination of them.

c.	Use the tools that you have been practicing, try flipping, copying, 
    and anything else you have learned.

d.	This program will not save anything within the program so be sure 
    to not close the file or switch to a different file until you have what 
    you want printed.

Here are the steps to print:

1.	Using the marquee, choose the part you want printed.

2.	Choose Copy from the Edit menu.

3.	Open Microsoft Word or any word processing program

5.	Choose New under File

6.	Choose Paste under Edit

7.	Choose Print under File


If you have closed "LETTERFORMS and ILLUSIONS", to resume the program:

After opening the software, double click on Fonts, then Flipfont, then #21.  
Choose Flips under the "Apple" menu.

Do #21.  Then do #22.  (Try 2 or 3 of these -- do more if you wish)

Do #23 and 24.  Have #24 checked.  _____

Do #25 and 26.  Have #26 checked.  _____

Do #27 and have it checked.  _____

Do #28 and 29.  Skip #30 and #31.

Do #32 and #33.  Write your answers for #33 here:

	1.  ____________________	3.  ____________________	5.  _____________________ 

	2.  ____________________	4.  ____________________	6.  _____________________

Skip #34.  Do #35 and #36.  Write your answers for #36 here:

________________	________________	________________	________________	

Do #37 and write your answers here:

________________	________________	________________	________________	


Do #38 and have it checked.  _____

Try #39 and do #40 and #41.  Show #41 to me.  _____  #42 is optional.

Do #43 and show it to me.  _____  #44 is optional.

After #44, create your name using Escher font and make it into a pinwheel.    
To do this:

1.	Choose New under File

2.	Choose Escher under Font

3.	Type your name and try to make the pinwheel

4.	Print it using instructions from the front page

Do #45-48.  Skip #49 and #50.  Do the following and have them checked:

	#51  _____	#52  _____	#54  _____

You may skip #53 but try #55.