Jennifer Powell

Welcome to my home page! Following is a brief description of me and some of my interests. . .

If you want to see what I don't look like, you can take a look at this terrible picture.

General Information

I am currently a junior at Hendrix College, where I am double-majoring in mathematics and biology. After I graduate from Hendrix, I am planning on attending graduate school in some area of biology like genetics or microibology.

I spend the past summer at the Summer 95 Institute at the Geometry Center in Minneapolis, MN. This is a summer program for 20 students of mathematics and computer science. At the Center, I worked on the Modelling Team with Fati Liamidi under the supervision of Dr. Rick Wicklin. Our project was to model physical phenomena using differential equations. Specifically, we examined the oscillatory behavior of cantilevered beams, and the static deformation of cantilevered, simply supported, and doubly supported beams.

Hobbies and interests:

Some of my hobbies include

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