A PlaneGeometry Example

The following example of the PlaneGeometry applet demonstrates the various shapes available in this framework. Some of the points lie on, and are restricted to move on, various shapes. Others lie at the intersection of two shapes. Try dragging some of the objects to see how the rest of the objects interact.

To view this applet you must be using a browser which supports Java!

Here are the java classes and source for these objects.

Java Source Class File Description
Geometry1.java Geometry1.class Sample Plane Geometry Applet
GeometryWindow.java GeometryWindow.class Geometry Canvas Class -- gives plane Geometry Coordinates
shape.java shape.class SuperClass for the shape library
point.java point.class Geometrical Point
line.java line.class Geometrical Line
segment.java segment.class Geometrical segment
ray.java ray.class Geometrical ray
circle.java circle.class Geometrical circle
pointOnShape.java pointOnShape.class SuperClass for points which are restricted to lie on another shape
pointOnLine.java pointOnLine.class Point which is restricted to a line, segment or ray
pointOnCircle.java pointOnCircle.class Point which is restricted to a circle
intersectionPoint.java intersectionPoint.class Point which lies at the intersection of two shapes
gMath.java gMath.class Miscellaneous Math Functions for Geometry