Precalculus I Spring 95


Lectures: 0800-0850 MWF

Text: Prelude to Calculus, by W. Ruud and T. Shell, Second Edition.

Lecturer: Pat Webmeister

Phone: 555-5555

Format of the lectures: We shall repeatedly use small groups to solve problems, and alternate these activities with periods of "traditional" lecture. Students are strongly encouraged to participate at all times; questions and comments are always welcome. We shall closely follow the textbook, trying to adhere to the calendar on the back of this page. Students are exhorted to read each section beforehand, so that we need not spend too much time repeating what the book says, and concentrate instead on specific questions and problems that have arisen in your reading.

Grading: There are a total of 1000 points. The final exam is worth 400 points. The other 600 points will come from the recitation grade and three exams. The recitation grade is worth 200 points, and so is each of the three exams; the lowest of these four scores will be dropped.

Policy on missed exams and Incompletes: If you miss a test and you have a documented valid excuse, you can take a make-up exam. It is departmental policy that incompletes can only be granted to students who have finished most of the course-work with a C average or better, and have a valid excuse for not completing the rest.

Students with disabilities: If there is any student with a disability condition in this class who requires special accommodation, please feel free to come and discuss this with me.

The procedures and calendar for this lecture are subject to change in the event of extenuating circumstances. If that is the case, I shall inform you of the changes as soon as possible.

I hope this will be a very enjoyable learning experience!