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Bob Hesse

Graduate Student, Unversity of Minnesota


Bob Hesse is a graduate student in mathematics studying dynamical systems at the University of Minnesota. His area of research involves computing solutions to Hamiltonian systems as well as finding stable and unstable manifolds to Hamiltonian systems.

Currently, Bob is a Teaching Assistant at the Univeristy of Minnesota for the Calculus Pilot Project. These courses are taught differently then the regular calculus sequence, with an emphasis on understanding the mathematics by not only algebraic, but numerical and graphical means. Not only are students evaluated by exams and homework but also by projects such as mathematical labs.

This past summer he has been working at the Geometry Center on introductory documents to HTML for math and science educators.

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Mail address:
Bob Hesse
The Geometry Center
1300 South Second Street
Minneapolis, MN 55454

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