DsTool: Dynamical System Toolkit

There is a critical need for computational environments that provide effective tools for exploring dynamical systems with minimal effort on the part of the user. Research that relies upon the investigation of dynamical systems would be greatly enhanced by a standard, uniform environment for the exploration of these systems with computers.

The explosion of the graphical computational capabilities of relatively inexpensive desktop computers in the past few years makes the development of such an environment both feasible and timely. The program called DsTool (pronounced dee-ess-tool) is an implementation of one such environment for the UNIX workstations. It is an efficient research tool that integrates a friendly graphical user interface, data management capabilities, a rich set of numerical algorithms together with the flexibility to add more algorithms and communicate data with other programs. DsTool has been implemented for use with the X Window system from MIT with the XView toolkit and is based upon the program kaos, written by S. Kim and J. Guckenheimer.

DsTool is available by anonymous ftp from the Center for Applied Mathematics at Cornell University.

An on-line help page for DsTool is available.

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