Intended audience and usage

We have designed this lab so that it should be approachable for a student who has taken linear algebra and multivariable calculus, and not necessarily the most theoretical version of those courses.

We also hope that the lab would be appropriate for use in conjunction with a course in computational algebraic geometry and commutative algebra, perhaps based on the Cox, Little, and O' Shea text. The students could try some of the lab early on to get a feeling for what the course is about, and then come back to it later after learning the material in Chapter 3 of that book.

For the instructor, we have included numbered questions throughout the lab which one might ask the students to turn in as part of a lab report. There are also some unnumbered "Questions to think about" in the side topic pages, which one could ask the students to hand in if one wanted a longer lab.

A note about MPEG files

At various points in the lab, the user is given the option of clicking on a link to some MPEG movie showing the graph of a curve or surface rotating in space. Since downloading these MPEG files may take some time, certain users may want to avoid clicking on these links. For this reason, we have tried to provide information on the size of the file to aid in this decision.
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