Lab Question 4

Looking at Iterates vs. Time for the Logistic map, the plot varies as our constant changes. We have described the way the graph changes when the constant, C, was set at different values.

C = 1: The graph starts out by going down steeply and levels out as it approaches 0.

C = 1.5: Again, the graph is steeply descending and levels out as it approaches .3.

C = 2: The graph is a straight horizontal line at .5.

C = 2.5: Now the graph goes up steeply, comes down a little, goes back up and levels at .6.

C = 3.4: "Mountains" are beginning to form. At this point the heights and widths of the mountains vary.

C = 3.8: This is a fairly uniform graph. The mountains have the same heights and widths.

C = 4: The graph starts at .5; it is steep and narrow to 1.0. After 1.0 it goes down and levels at 0 as it approaches 4.