Rob Rumppe

Roosevelt High School

Hi! Thanks for checking out my student's work. Please take a moment to comment by sending an e-mail message. I will pass along the messages to my students.

About me

I am first and foremost a husband. I've been married for ten happy years now.

I am also a father of three "Rumpettes". Jonathan age 6, Josh age 3, and Sarah age 14 months.

My Education

I earned a B.S. degree from Winona State University. I am currently working on a Masters of Science Degree in Educational Technology from Mankato State University"; Mankato, MN. I hope to someday work as a technology coordinator for a school district. If you know of any openings, please email me.

Where I Teach

I have been teaching math in the Minneapolis Public Schools for ten years. The first seven years were at Anwatin Middle School and the most recent three years at Roosevelt High School.

Teaching High School Geometry

I feel very fortunate to have been able to teach Geometry out of a book titled Discovering Geometry from Key Curriculm Press. The book teaches Geometry through discovery and conjecture. Key Curriculum is also the developer of The Geometer's Sketchpad; the program that my students have used to make their geometric discoveries. My endorsement of Key Curriculum and their products is unsolicited.

This page was developed with the help of David Wiggins from the University of Minnesota. I wish to thank Dave for all his time help and encouragement. Be sure to check out Dave's Conjectures in Geometry Page. All math teachers will want to add this to their bookmark list.

I also wish to recognize The Geometry Center at the University of Minnesota. For the geometric images I've downloaded and shared with my class as well as producing a movie which allowed me to visualize how a sphere can be turned inside-out.

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