Doug Shaw's Home Page

My name is Douglas, I am vexed,
Because my page is purely text.
It has no pictures, thus it stinks.
It does not even have cool links.

So here it is: My page of home,
And all I have is one dumb poem.
You wanted more, but quit your griping,
Or I will talk about btyping.

But what if you want to find out
My info: What am I about?
My CV, interests, things like that?
What can I do, where am I at?

How can you get my secret facts?
I'd say, "That's none of your beeswax!"
Look up my number, give a call.
If you're a pal, I'll tell you all.

To you my thoughts may be unfurled,
But why would the entire world
Have any need, or want, or cause
To know if Basho has his claws?

To know what gum my brother chews
Or if I still wear purple shoes
Or how is my Swiss army knife
Or if I even have a life?

So if you want to read a page
With mirthful wit, and deep thoughts sage
And links to all your favorite songs
Then check out Serge's, or Dave Long's

But as for this one? Waste of time.
Short on reason. Long on rhyme.
It was the best that I could do.
My name is Douglas. Howdy do!