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Getting Started with Kali

  1. Start Kali (ask your teacher how)

    You should see three windows: A large canvas window called "Untitled" a Color palette and a wallpaper palette. You can ignore the wallpaper palette for now.

  2. From the Palettes menu choose Rosette.

    You should see another window called the Rosette palette.

  3. In the Rosette palette, click on the button labeled "*1". (It has a drawing of a heart on it.)

  4. From the Options menu choose Show Singularities.

    This will show all reflection lines and rotation points. You should see a vertical line down the middle of the canvas.

  5. Click with the mouse to draw half of a heart on either side of the vertical line. Double-click or click twice in the same place to end a the chain of line segments you are drawing.

    You should see the other half of the heart being drawn at the same time.

  6. To get a smooth heart, pull down the Options menu and select Smoothing

Other things to try

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