Geometry In Art

A Final Project
for the
University of Minnesota
Math 5337
Technology in the Geometry Classroom


Richard Dehlinger Minneapolis South H.S.

Roderick Gordon Minneapolis Sanford M.S.

LaToniya Jones-McKinnon Minneapolis Ramsey I.F.A.C.

Robert Rumppe Minneapolis Roosevelt H.S.

This project was funded through an Eisenhower Foundation grant. Classes and computer work were completed at The Geometry Center at The University of Minnesota.


Are art and geometry really related?

This project presents four areas in which geometry and art are tied together. The purpose of our project is to demonstrate some applications of technology in the geometry classroom. It is intended to be used by teachers but was also written for use by students in grades 7 - Ph.D.

Table of Contents

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Created July 1996 Updated: 24 July 1996 A.D.