Geomview, an interactive 3D viewer for X11

What Is Geomview for X?

X-Geomview is an interactive program for viewing and manipulating 3D and higher dimensional geometric objects. It can be used as a standalone viewer for static objects or as a display engine for other programs which produce dynamically changing geometry. It runs on most major unix systems that have the X Window System, including but not necessarily limited to, Sun-sparcs, HP-riscs, IBM RS/6000s, DEC Alphas and Linux 486 boxes. X-Geomview is based on the original Geomview kernel and SGI version, written by Stuart Levy, Tamara Munzner and Mark Phillips.

The X version of Geomview has been developed by Daeron Meyer and Tim Rowley with much assistance from Stuart Levy and Mark Phillips. The source code and several binary releases of the X11 version are now available! Check the bottom of this document for links to downloadable tarred binaries and the source.

Here is a look at the interface for X-Geomview:

Version 1.5 of Geomview for X

Here is a list of links to our ftp server. Clicking on one of them will automatically download a copy of Geomview to your machine.

There are also versions of Geomview available for the SGI and NeXT platforms.