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Welcome to the exciting world of hyperbolic geometry! Hyperbolic geometry is one of the most important examples of a "non-Euclidean" geometry, with far reaching applications in math and science, including special relativity. Moreover, by approaching hyperbolic geometry through analogies and models, even the novice can enjoy the elegance and surprising intricacy of a deep mathematical theory.

This exhibit presents an introduction to hyperbolic geometry with the assistance of graphics, animations and interactive applications. Enjoy the exhibit!

Euclidean Geometry

Hyperbolic Geometry

Special Relativity

One of the most interesting contexts in which hyperbolic geometry plays an important role is special relativity. The relativistic concept of spacetime unifies both Euclidean geometry and the Minkowski model of hyperbolic space. In a way, hyperbolic geometry can be thought of as the geometry of a universe in which things travel faster than the speed of light. (These pages were contributed by John Hartman.)

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