Recipe cards for polyhedra

This page is under construction. More cards will appear soon.

The California Math Show has a polyhedron station, with big bins of snap-together plastic pieces (Polydrons, 3D Geoshapes, Googolplex). Visitors can look at posters for ideas of polyhedra to make, or use the recipe cards, or make up their own.

Recipe cards

These cards are printed, folded in half, laminated, and kept in a large recipe card box. The front of the card gives enough clues to build each polyhedron, but doesn't describe the shape. The back of the card has a picture of the polyhedron and some information about it.

The computer icon on the Answer side of the card gives a suggestion for thinking about the polyhedron in another way, using the computer program KaleidoTile. You can download a free copy of this program (Macintosh only) from The Geometry Center.

The estimated difficulty level is shown by a ski run difficulty icon:
is for beginners.
is a little more challenging, but not too hard.
is a for people who have more time and energy.
questions require some creative thinking, and may have more than one answer.

The first five cards are for the Platonic solids. Eventually all the semiregular solids will be included.

Polyhedron challenge #1
Polyhedron challenge #2
Polyhedron challenge #3
Polyhedron challenge #4
Polyhedron challenge #5

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