Limericks by Susan Addington (and others)

Ode on a Java Urn

(Inspired by Daeron Meyer:

A demented programmer named Zachary
Wrote code to write novels like Thackeray.
It boiled lots of pots
Of characters and plots
But it was all done with trickery and hackery.

Stopping by the Desert on a Windy Evening

A traveler stopped in Pahrump
And exclaimed, "This place is a dump!"
The all-night casino
Has just bingo and keno
And my waitress is kind of a frump.

Adrenaline Junkie

[first four lines written by John Sarli]

There once was a girl named Winona
Who ran with the bulls at Pamplona.
She tripped on a board
And was multiply gored
And went home in a box to Katonah.

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