Falafel Waffles

In case you didn't already know, falafel is a vegetarian equivalent of meatballs, made from garbanzos and spices, and fried in little balls. The frying is a real bother, so here's a fast, easy, and euphonious recipe that requires NO OIL if you have a nonstick waffle iron.


1 cup dry falafel mix, available in bulk in health food stores, or in the middle-eastern section of better supermarkets
1 egg
3/4 cup water
toppings (see below)


Combine the falafel mix with the water and egg and let sit for 1/2 hour to hydrate. Heat up your waffle iron. Put half the mixture in and cook until browned. It may look small, but it's very dense; one waffle will feed one person. Serve with toppings, below. Do NOT serve with maple syrup.


Traditional sauce made with tahini (sesame paste); sorry, I don't have a recipe yet.
Yogurt with finely chopped cucumber, scallions, mint, etc.
Salsa (heretical, but tastes good.)

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