Haricots Verts DeMoula's

This recipe is named after DeMoula's Market Basket in Somerville, Massachusetts, where, in the winter, the green beans are always tough and stringy.

Note: all quantities and times are approximate. Use your judgement!

1 lb. fresh green beans (even tough ones will work), stems removed
1 red bell pepper, cut into bean-shaped strips
several cloves garlic, chopped
1/2 cup walnuts
olive oil
water or wine
soy sauce

Heat several Tbsp. of oil in a wok, using high heat. Throw in the beans, stirring madly to prevent burning. If the beans are old and tough, add a few Tbsp. water or wine, cover, turn down heat, and steam until beans are almost tender but still a little crisp. If necessary, take off the lid and evaporate the rest of the liquid. Turn the heat back to high, add a little more oil, the peppers, and the garlic. Saute a few minutes. Before the peppers get mushy, add the walnuts and a splash of soy sauce. Cook just until the walnuts are heated.

Feeds one or more. Serve hot or cold.

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