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Alpha Shape and Shape2D

Alpha shapes provide a nice mathematical definition of the ``shape'' of a set of points, particularly useful for making molecular models. Alpha Shape produces a set of tetrahedra, triangles and edges connecting the points. Shape2D does the same thing for points in the plane.

The alpha shape software has a new release and a sharp looking Web page! Documentation, references, credits and code are all available there. For a very clear explaination of what alpha shapes are, try this page by Patrick Moran.

By a team at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

The convex hull program hull also computes alpha shapes.


3-D model reconstruction from 2-D slices. Binaries for various machines. Now includes a database of contour data.

Web on over to INRIA for more details.

By Bernhard Geiger, INRIA.

Organ database

Data base of human organs, represented by polygonal slices. Good data for testing reconstruction algorithms.

More information is in this announcement.

By Gill Barequet, of Tel Aviv University.

The database is available by ftp.

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