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LEDA is a collection of C++ objects and data structures for graph theoretic and geometric algorithm implementation. Objects include rational planar points and segments, and floating-point points, segments, polygons, circles and planar subdivisions. Sets, dictionaries, queues, stacks and other useful data structures are implemented, as are many graph algorithms. The LEDA distribution also includes planar convex hull, Voronoi diagram and sweepline segment intersection programs.

LEDA is a language, and it has a thick manual, available at the ftp site. There is a little more info in this abstract. Get LEDA and it's documentation from the Web page or this ftp site at MPI.

By Stefan Naeher, Max Plank Institute.

A LEDA-to-Postscript converter is available by writing to


A collection of geometric C++ objects. Planar point, line, polygon objects, and 3-D point, line, polygon, sphere, and polyhedron objects. Rigid motion, intersection and distance functions.

There is a short manual included in the distribution.

By Geert-Jan Giezeman, Utrect University.
Look for these collections at the ftp site in Utrecht.

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