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Planar libraries and environments


Library of 2-D algorithms with animation, in ObjectPascal for the MAC. Algorithms include:

For more information, including a full list of algorithms and references, see the abstract . There is also a README file and some papers at the ftp site.

By Peter Schorn and lots of others, at ETH Zurich.
Distributed by ftp from ETH.


A library of 2-D geometric algorithms and data structures, with a visualization environment. In C++ for SUN/OS (dynamic linking requires the SUN C++ compiler for the whole package, but you might be able to hack out and adapt the code for a particular problem). Over 40 algorithms, including all the computational geometry classics plus some other interesting things like:

You can look at the README for more information.

By Pedro J. de Rezende, Welson R. Jacometti, Cesar N. Gon, and Laerte F. Morgado, Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Brazil.
Because Brazil is far away, we mirror this system in our ftp directory.

Workbench for computational geometry

An implementation and visualization environment, in Smalltalk for the Macintosh. Includes implementations of many planar algorithms. The manual is in Microsoft Word.

By Peter Epstein, J. Kavanagh, A. Knight, J. May, T. Nguyen, and Jörg-Rüdiger Sack.
You can take a look at the Info file in the ftp directory.

Center for Digital Algorithms

This commercial endeavor has developed a library of about a hundred subroutines for planar computational geometry, and a data structure library. Includes demos and a workbench for Windows 95. They're asking for alpha test sites, so it's free for now. They also have a graph theory library and workbench.
For a list of functions and some screen shots of the demos, see the CDA homepage.

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