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Solid modeling

Are there any other collections of modeling software out there? Please let me know if I'm being redundant.


A very impressive solid modeling system with a lot of support for curved surfaces (operations like offset surfaces, computing the bisector of two curves in 3D, conversions, interpolation between curves...) as well as polygonal primatives and CSG operations. Also various conversion tools, display programs for different environments, and a line drawing generator!

By Gershon Elber, at the Technion, Haifa, Israel.
Go to the Irit homepage for lots more information.


A big CSG system developed by the Army Research Laboratory, which supports objects bounded by NURBS as well as traditional stuff. Including a raytracer, lots of other tools, and, very interesting, a CSG to boundary representation conversion package. In C for Unix. You fill out a form and they tell you how to decrypt the software.

Here's their Web page.

Most raytracers, like Rayshade or POV include a CSG modeling system.


A robotics testbed with a big CSG component. In Object-Orineted LISP.

Here's the home page.

By Toshihiro Matsui, ETL, Japan.

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