DVI Viewer

You are using the DVI Viewer, part of the IDVI package for presenting documents on the web. Please send comments and bug reports to the author, Garth A. Dickie.


Bookmarks work in the way that you would expect, saving both page number and scale factor.

Click on part of the document to see a magnified view in the DVI Controls window. Click and drag in the DVI Controls window to adjust your position.

Clicking on a link with the middle mouse button will cause a new browser window to open.

The buttons at the top of the DVI Controls window allow you to change the scale factor (zoom in and out), or go to another page. The buttons labeled - and + change the scale factor. The buttons labeled |<-, <-, ->, and ->| jump to the first page, the previous page, the next page, and the last page, respectively. To go to a specific page, type the page number into the text field and press enter.

In addition to using the buttons in the DVI Controls window, you may navigate using a subset of the keyboard shortcuts available in xdvi. For example:

    n    Go to the next page.
    p    Go to the previous page.
    4n   Go to the page 4 pages after this one.
    15g  Go to page 15.
    2s   Set scale factor to 2.
However, these only work while your cursor is over the actual text of the page or in the DVI Controls window.

Last modified 26 April 1996

Garth A. Dickie / dickie@elastic.avid.com