IDVI User's Guide

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Preparing a Document for Viewing on the Web

To present a document on the web using IDVI:
  1. Prepare a dvi file as usual using TeX, LaTeX, or any other TeX package:
    cd paperdir
    latex paper
    latex paper
  2. Create a new directory on the web server for your document, and go to that directory:
    cd ~/public_html
    mkdir newdir
    cd newdir
  3. Apply the command idvi to your dvi file to create html files in the current directory:
    idvi ~/paperdir/paper.dvi -title "A Paper"
  4. Make sure that the resulting files are visible to web browsers:
    chmod go+rx .
    chmod go+r *
  5. Check the appearance of your document using a web browser:
    netscape http://my.server/~dickie/newdir/ &
  6. If you like the way it looks, add a link from your home page.
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