IDVI User's Guide

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Preparing a Document For Local Viewing

For each document:
  1. Prepare a dvi file as usual using TeX, LaTeX, or any other TeX package:
    cd paperdir
    latex paper
    latex paper
  2. Create a new directory to contain html files describing your document, and go to that directory:
    mkdir html
    cd html
  3. Apply the command idvi.local to your dvi file to create html files in the current directory:
    idvi.local ../paper.dvi -title "A Paper"
  4. Check the appearance of your document using a web browser:
    netscape index.html &
    If the browser displays an error message, it may not be able to find the IDVI class files. Ask the person at your site who installed IDVI where the class files are located, and add a line such as
    setenv CLASSPATH /usr/local/lib/idvi/
    to the file .login in your home directory. Then re-read the file .login and try again:
    source ~/.login
    netscape index.html &
  5. If you want to let other people view your document, make sure that they have permission to read the html files that you just created:
    chmod go+rx . ..
    chmod go+r *
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