IDVI User's Guide

Table of Contents

Preparing a Document For Local Viewing
Preparing a Document For Viewing on the Web
Basic Options
All Options
Using Color
Controlling the HTML files Generated by IDVI
Including Links in Your Documents
Limitations and Bugs
Note: this documentation does not yet reflect all of the features of IDVI. It is missing pages describing how to use collapsible outlines, embedded applets, and embedded postscript images.


For a description of the IDVI package as a whole, with examples, see About IDVI.

This document describes the process of preparing a document for presentation on the web, using IDVI.

You have the option of preparing a document for local viewing or for viewing on the web. Once you've tried it, check out the basic options, or the list of all available options. There are brief directions on how to use color, control the HTML generated by IDVI, or include links in your documents, and a list of limitations and bugs.

IDVI was written with the support of the Discrete Mathematics Group at the Technical University of Eindhoven, the Euler Institute for Discrete Mathematics, and the Research Institute for Applications of Computer Algebra.

Please send comments on the software and documentation to the author, Garth A. Dickie.

Last modified 12 June 1996

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