IDVI User's Guide

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Basic Options

You will usually want to use the -title option to give your document a title. This title will appear as the title of the user's browser window, and in the name of any bookmarks that the user creates:
idvi paper.dvi -title "A Paper"
If the first page of your document is not numbered 1, you can force the first page to have another number with the option -pageFirst. In a book with two pages of material before page 1, the first page would be numbered -1:
idvi book.dvi -title "A Book" \
              -pageFirst -1
If your document is not legible at the default scale factor of 4, you can set another default scale factor using the option -scaleDefault. You can also set the lowest and highest available scale factors using the options -scaleMin and -scaleMax. If the document is barely legible at scale factor 4, but looks better at scale factor 3, you might use:
idvi paper.dvi -title "A 10pt Paper" \
               -scaleDefault 3 \
               -scaleMax 4
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