idvi application

The idvi application is a tool which makes life easy for the applet. It is possible, but very awkward, to construct html files using the applet without using the idvi application.
  1. Input
    1. A standard DVI file
    2. Encapsulated postscript files referenced by the DVI file
    3. A template HTML file
      (A default template is available)
  2. Available Options (see the options page of the IDVI User's Guide)
    1. Title to be used in HTML files
    2. Page numbering
    3. Scale factors
    4. Layout and color
    5. Name of a template HTML file
    6. File naming conventions for the output
  3. Output
    1. HTML files for each page and scale factor
      (built from the template)
    2. Smaller (1 page) DVI files for faster download
    3. GIF files for each image and scale factor (antialiased using pnmscale)