The DVIOnePageApplet applet is both the most visible and the most complicated part of the system.
  1. Displays one page from an ordinary DVI file
    1. Downloads, decompresses, and scales PK fonts
    2. Looks for GIF files corresponding to epsf specials
    3. Understands internal and external links
    4. Handles the display of outline views, embedded applets, etc.
  2. Has navigation controls
  3. Manages multiple views of a single file, including the magnifier window
Since this is the most complicated part of the IDVI software, it is natural that this is where the most compatability problems arise. The applet currently does not display properly on many Macintosh and Windows browsers. This appears to be because of bugs in the implementation of the Abstract Window Toolkit in those browsers, or because I took advantage unwittingly of bugs in the toolkit available with Netscape 2.0 for Solaris 2.4.