Image Buttons

  1. Modify the class idvi.split.NavigationPanel to use an ImageButton class for the navigation buttons. The current panel looks bad on a Macintosh because the button style is so different; ImageButtons would fix this. It is also unclear to many people that + and - have to do with magnification, and the ? button doesn't jump out at people. I want people to visit the help page and see the tips that are there!

  2. Design some good looking buttons. Probably a Photoshop-style magnifying glass with + or - for the scale buttons, and buttons similar to the Netscape back and forward buttons for the page buttons.

  3. Figure out where to put the button images. Probably the best thing is to store them as encoded strings in the NavigationPanel class, and write an ImageButton class which takes a string and decodes its image from the string. Otherwise we need to add image files to the distribution, and install them somewhere, and find them from the applet -- too many things can go wrong.