Implement New Attributes For The <applet> Tag.

Add support for the archive= attribute of the applet tag, which is defined under Netscape 3.0. (done 10/10/96)

It would be nice to add support for Internet Explorer cabinet files as well. They are currently too limited for use with IDVI -- it seems that all files used by the applet must be stored in the cabinet file together with the class files, and this is impractical for IDVI because of the use of separate pk font files and single-page dvi files.

  1. Change the classes ibook.v10b2.idvi.split.Splitter and ibook.v10b2.idvi.split.HTMLParameters to support the archive attribute. This should involve defining a parameter called archiveParam, similar to codeBaseParam. The implementation can be almost identical -- if the user does not want to generate the archive attribute, then redefine archiveParam to "", just as is done with codeBaseParam.

  2. Update the script idvi to define the new parameter on the command line passed to the application class. Leave it out of the command line generated by idvi.local.

  3. Update the makefile which generates the release to construct an archive containing just the set of classes needed for the display applet, and a separate archive containing just the set of classes needed for the idvi application.

  4. Update the installation scripts to put the archives in the right place.

  5. Update the file INSTALL in the release to explain which files are put where.