1. AppletBlock

    An AppletBlock object keeps a Class object for the applet which it is supposed to create, and uses Class.newInstance( ) to create the actual applet objects. It also keeps a copy of the parameters for the applet, and passes these to each AppletView which is created.

  2. ComponentView

    A ComponentView plays lots of games to keep its child component lined up correctly with the Views which surround it. ButtonBlock is a test class which uses ComponentView to display a java.awt.Button.

  3. AppletView

    An AppletView is a ComponentView which is also an idvi.AppletContainer and a java.applet.AppletStub. The AppletView registers itself with the IDVIContext so that it can start and stop its Applet whenever the main Applet is told to start and stop.

    The AppletStub implementation allows the applet to get its own parameters, and also refer to the parameters of the DVIOnePageApplet or other containing applet.