This is the root package for idvi. It contains miscellaneous classes which are used throughout, and the main display applet.
  1. IDVI

    Global constants, such as the default values for parameters which are in common between the applet and application, and strings which appear in the applet.

  2. IDVIContext

    Interface class implemented by the applet which provides "global" information such as the codeBase URL, dvi file URL, access to the applet parameters through a ParameterProcessor, and a registry for child applets so that they can be stopped when the main applet stops.

  3. MessageContext

    Interface class which provides a way to display a message. The DVIOnePageApplet implements this interface by displaying the message at the bottom of the DVI Controls window.

  4. ShowDocumentContext

    Interface class which provides a way to request that another URL be displayed. This is used to intercept special URLs such as "idvi:pageoffset:+1", and to change URLs such as "page3.dvi" into "page3scale4.html"

  5. AppletContainer

    Interface class providing init, start, stop, and destroy functions. An AppletContainer typically registers itself with an IDVIContext, and is notified when the parent applet receives init, start, stop, and destroy calls.

  6. DVIOnePageApplet

    The main display applet. Implements IDVIContext, MessageContext, and ShowDocumentContext. Brings up the DVI Controls window using idvi.controls.Controls. Loads a document using idvi.dvi.DVIDocument. Displays the document using idvi.display.ViewPanel.