Garth's Magic Java Makefile

IDVI was developed on a SparcStation 5 running Solaris 2.5, with nothing more than the Java Developer's Kit and a good makefile. This makefile resides at the top level of the source release.
  1. The makefile can be copied without modification into any package hierarchy, and only needs configuration if you will use the "make public" or "make release" options.

  2. Links to the makefile can be created in all subdirectories using "make makefiles", and removed using "make nomakefiles". This permits easy use from any subdirectory.

  3. All out of date source files in all subdirectories can be recompiled using "make".

  4. The appletviewer can be started on the file "index.html" in the current directory using "make run".

  5. All class files can be removed using "make clean".

  6. Current class files can be copied to a web server using "make public".

  7. An arbitrary subset of files can be copied to another directory hierarchy using "make release".

  8. The name of a package can be changed (changing the package and import lines in all source files and recursing on subdirectories) using "make changepackage OLD=... NEW=...".