Provide Support for Highly Interactive Documents

  1. The design should permit the presentation of very large documents.

    IDVI was developed with the support of the Discrete Mathematics group at the Technical University of Eindhoven, The Netherlands. This group has produced an interactive algebra textbook (in Dutch) which consists of over 1100 sections, each on its own page. It must be possible to present this document on the web using IDVI.

  2. The design should support the presentation of structured proofs.

    The interactive algebra text mentioned above breaks proofs down into major steps, and presents a list of the steps to the reader. The reader can choose to view individual steps of the proof, each on its own page. IDVI will support the inclusion of the details on the main page, hiding them until they are requested.

    Leslie Lamport advocates an even more structured proof, with many levels of detail available to the reader. The nested outline support in IDVI should allow a partial implementation Lamport's design.

  3. The design should support interaction and animation within a document.

    IDVI provides a mechanism for including other Java applets within a dvi page. If the author has applets available which can present animation or which provide interaction with computer algebra software, then these applets can be embedded within the document.