Software Resources

Below is a list of software that you may find useful for this course, and for Web work in general. Many of these programs exist on at least some of the computers at the Geometry Center. This is especially true of the Unix tools.

See the Geometry Center Visitor Resourses page for more information specific to the Geometry Center's computer systems.

Some programs listed below, in particular some of the Macintosh and PC software, may not be present on equipment at the Center. We've tried to give links for everything, however, so that you can use this list to find out more about the software, including in particular how to get it.




There is a large archive of Macintosh freeware and shareware at the University of Texas at URL Many of the programs listed below are from this archive.


An excellent source of information about programs available for PCs is the Tucows Archive ( "Tucows" stands for "The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software"; this site contains a huge database of information on programs for Windows, Windows 95, and Windows NT. For each program, they give a short description and evaluation, and links to more information. Most things in the archive are either shareware or freeware.

We downloaded test versions of some of the image processing programs below and installed them on our PCs immediately prior to this course. To see what's there and to try them out, follow the path Network Neighborhood -> Scott -> CMWH on any of our PCs. If you don't see something there that you want to try, ask a staff member about it.

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