Installing Course Labs on the Web

We recommend that you install the Web pages that you create in this course in the ~/public_html directory of your Geometry Center unix account so that you can view them as you work on them, and so that others may see them when you are finished. Please use the following convention in choosing the names of the files you install there:

Note: welcome.html is the default document name for files on the Geometry Center's Web server. It's a good idea to adhere to a conventional file name for the main entry point for a collection of files in a directory. This also means that users do not have to give the full filename in the URL --- they just specify the directory name, and the server looks for a file called welcome.html in that directory. So, for example, the URL for your assignment #1 page would be "". Some Web servers use different default document names; welcome.html is the most common one, but before making that assumption when installing a document on another Web server, you should check with the site's webmaster.

Last modified: Mon Jun 3 14:29:52 1996