About StageManager:

StageManager is an external module for Geomview. You start it by selecting the StageManager item in the modules list on the Geomview main panel.

An enhanced version of StageManager is available, and you may want to use this version. To gain access to it, create a file called .geomview in your home directory that contains the lines:

   (emodule-define StageManager "/u/dpvc/code/tcl/new/StageManager")
   (emodule-define StageManager-old "$GEOMROOT/modules/tcl/StageManager")
   (emodule-define StageDoor
       "/u/dpvc/code/tcl/new/module/StageDoor/StageDoor geomview")
Now when you start Geomview, the StageManager module will be the newest version. The old one is still available as StageManager-old.

Imporant Note: If you are using StageManager to drive the FrontStage external module, you should execute the command

before starting Geomview. Due to the way that these modules communicate, there are some security issues involved. This command makes it safe to do. StageManager will not be able to talk to FrontStage if you don't issue this command.


Last modified: Mon Jun 3 13:22:46 1996