Tangent Plane Lab Demo

Show torus and tangent plane

This demo shows a torus defined in 3-space by the parameterization:


By taking this parameterizaaton, we use calculus to compute the tangent vectors, and thus we may parameterize the tangent plane.

This demo shows a surface graph in 3 space (and a portion of its tangent plane at (x,y)= (0,0)) of:


Show wavy surface and tangent plane

This demo shows a saddle surface with a tangent plane at the origin. Notice that the Tangent Plane intersects the surface. The surface is given by:


Show saddle and tangent plane

Click here to see the full version of our lab, designed for use by UMTYMP Calculus III students.

By Andrew Youn, Samir Murty, and Charlie McGarraugh