Banchoff, T. F.
[B1] Tightly embedded 2-dimensional polyhedral manifolds
[B2] Triple points and singularities of projections of smooth surfaces
[B3] Triple points and surgery of immersed surfaces
[B4] The two-piece property and tight n-manifolds-with-boundary
[B5] Tight polyhedral Klein bottles, projective planes and Möbius bands
[B6] Critical points and curvature for embedded polyhedral surfaces
Banchoff, T. F., and Takens, F.
[BT1] Height functions with three critical points
Cecil, T. E. and Ryan, P. J.
[CR1] On the number of top-cycles of a tight surface in 3-space
[CR2] Tight and taut immersions of manifolds
Chern, S. S. and Lashof, R. K.
[CL1] On the total curvature of immersed manifolds I
[CL2] On the total curvature of immersed manifolds II
Haab, F.
[H1] Immersions tendues de surfaces dans E^3
Kühnel, W.
[Ku1] Tight and 0-tight polyhedral embeddings of surfaces
Kühnel, W. and Pinkall, U.
[KP1] Tight smoothing of some polyhedral surfaces
Kuiper, N. H.
[K1] On surfaces in Euclidean three space
[K2] Convex immersions of closed surfaces in E^3
[K3] There is no tight continuous immersion of the Klein bottle into R^3
[K4] Tight embeddings and maps
[K5] Tight topological embeddings of the Möbius band
Pinkall, U.
[P1] Tight surfaces and regular homotopy

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