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Making Waves:
A Guide to the Ideas behind Outside In

Making Waves is an informal presentation of the mathematical ideas behind the computer-animated movie Outside In. It introduces these ideas more precisely (but still in an informal and accessible language), and develops them beyond what can be done in the 22 minutes of the movie.

Making Waves packs a great amount of information in relatively little space (48 pages, including an 11-by-17'' centerfold). Its pace is swift, but you'll enjoy it even if you are not mathematically sophisticated, because it is organized on different levels: the dialog of the movie is woven together with an expository text where the more difficult parts are clearly marked, so concepts can be assimilated at a rate based on the reader's individual background and interests.

It doesn't matter if you've never taken calculus or heard of topology before: you'll get something out of Making Waves, especially if you take time to digest the ``food for thought'' paragraphs, marked .

For the more mathematically adventurous, Making Waves includes an article by Bill Thurston, on how the method of corrugations can be applied to similar problems in any dimension.

Making Waves comes bundled with Outside In, but it can also be purchased separately (for classroom use, for example). Ordering information is available here.

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