Rotation of a segment

Click on this picture to see a movie of two points rotating in four dimensions. Since they have the same x and w coordinates, they appear to lie on top of each other in the X_W_plane.

If you are comfortable with the motion of a single point rotating (from the last document), the motion of these two points should make sense. Their starting positions were chosen with the next animations in mind-- note that they have been diplaced from the x,y plane.

Click on this picture to see a movie of a segment rotating in four dimensions. The segment extends only along the Y direction, not the X or W directions, so it looks like a point in the X_W_plane. The motion of the segment is just like the motion of the two points.

We have begun a gradual progression to the four dimensional analogue of a cube, called the tesseract. This progression mimics the "recipe" given on the first page for making a tesseract.

Rotation of a square

Olaf Holt  3/14/94