Contacting The Geometry Center

The Geometry Center closed in August of 1998, leaving this web site and a lot of great memories. This University of Minnesota has graciously agreed to continue to host this web site because many people around the world still find it useful.

Since the Geometry Center is closed, it has no staff. This site is maintained on a volunteer basis by a very small collection of former Geometry Center staff.

If you want to contact the Geometry Center, please use one of the following email addresses. Replace the word 'at' in each of these addresses with a '@'; the addresses are obscured on this web page to prevent them from being picked up by spammers.

register at
Write to this address to report how you're using Geometry Center materials.
permission at
Write to this address to request permission to use Geometry Center materials in a non-private way (you don't need permission to use them for your own private use).
software at
Write to this address if you have questions about Geometry Center software.

Email to the above addresses will be forwarded to the appropriate place; in some cases this means a human will see it and respond, and in other cases our mail server simply files it for reference. We use this mail to justify continuing to keep the web site alive.

If you want to be sure to reach a human being, write to

human at


Thank you for your interest in the Geometry Center!

The Former Geometry Center Staff